Landfill Explorer: Footwear Designer

Hello, my name is Joyce Addai-Davis, and for the past two years, I have been exploring landfills in Ghana. I recently graduated from the Royal College of Art in London on a two-year master's degree specialising in footwear and accessories. My goal was to understand why we discard footwear, delve into the science behind footwear construction, and develop an innovative approach using AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to examine how we perceive both footwear and waste and the challenges when it comes to the afterlife of our wardrobes. Join me on this enchanting journey as I present and delve into my adventures in leather waste as a raw material and new desired commodity for footwear. My aim is to reshape how we engage with our unwanted belongings, clothing, footwear and roots in which we dispose of them

To be a part of this waste revolution, please take a look at my waste footwear creations, inspired by the Ghanaian female warrior Yaa Asantewaa, who valiantly fought against colonial forces. I channel Yaa Asantewaa's spirit to embark on a new battle against 'Waste Colonialism'.

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