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One-to-one Couture Sewing Classes

One-to-one Couture Sewing Classes

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Master the Art of Couture: One-to-One Sewing Classes - £60 per hour

Are you passionate about fashion and eager to create high-end, custom garments? Our exclusive one-to-one couture sewing classes are designed to transform your sewing skills and unleash your creative potential.

- Why Choose Our Couture Sewing Classes?

Personalised One-2-Once Instruction:

Experience the luxury of individualised attention. Our expert tutors tailor each lesson to your unique skill level and goals, ensuring rapid progress and mastery of couture techniques.

 - Comprehensive Curriculum:

From the basics to advanced couture methods, our curriculum covers everything you need to know. Learn precise hand-stitching, pattern drafting, fabric selection, fitting, and finishing techniques used by top designers.

- Hands-On Learning:

Engage in practical, hands-on sessions where you’ll create your own stunning garments. Apply your new skills to real projects and receive immediate feedback and guidance from your instructor.

- Flexible Scheduling:

We understand that everyone’s schedule is different. Enjoy the convenience of flexible class times that fit around your busy life.

- Creative Empowerment:

Our classes don’t just teach you how to sew; they empower you to bring your unique vision to life. Design and create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your personal style and flair.

- Who Can Benefit?

Beginners -  eager to learn the fundamentals of sewing with a focus on couture quality.

Intermediate sewers -  looking to refine their techniques and explore more complex projects.

Advanced enthusiasts and professionals wanting to master the art of couture and expand their repertoire.

What You’ll Achieve:

- Confidence in your sewing abilities

- Proficiency in couture techniques

- A portfolio of beautifully crafted garments

- The satisfaction of creating custom, high-fashion pieces

Ready to Begin Your Couture Journey?

Transform your sewing skills and create breathtaking couture garments. Book our one-to-one sewing classes today and take the first step towards mastering the art of couture.

Discover the elegance of couture sewing and unlock your creative potential with our personalised one-to-one classes. Your fashion journey starts here!

Fee: £60 per hour

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